About HD - hdroamer
What is all this about? Well...

I roam the countryside and see things. Being a photographer is many things to many people, but for me it has been a lifetime.
Every since I could hold a camera and make it click, I've been shooting.
So when I see something special I try to capture it through my lens so I can share with you.

You may notice that most of what I post here is very colorful, vibrant, and grand. This is not by chance.
It is due to a few of the artists/photographers, which I and many others admire,
that came before us and have pioneered the techniques that make it possible.
It is all about 'Light', the power of the Universe and what we can do with it.
The masters of the arts that create, paint, and photograph know just a little bit more about light than most of us.
So here I go seeking mastery and having a little fun along the way.

My specialties in photography include Panoramic and HDR Image capture and processing.
I prefer shooting in natural surroundings but now and then a studio works too.
Maybe I could shoot something for you some day!

PANORAMAS can be as wide as you can see by facing in one direction
or spinning all the way around 'n' around 'til you get dizzy.
These images put you in the center of your/my world and depending on how much I capture.
You might feel like your standing in the middle of a nicely wallpapered fish bowl or very open expansive house on a mountain top.
Believe me I spent a lot of time on mountain tops, but that's another story, for later.

HDR or HDRI stands for High Dynamic Range Imaging. Say what?
HDR is an art, method, process and technology that allows us to modify
and expand the limits of rending light beyond what any camera is capable of in a single shot.
HDR enables an image to be viewed much more like your own eyes instantly see the real world.
Much more detail and depth is revealed in a photo processed with the HDR craft.
I usually keep my HDR results and enthusiasm contained to a point where my images look very real and believable.
Although once in awhile an image really beckons to be enhanced into the world of fantasy and make believe.
You be the judge, like what you like, and leave the rest for others to enjoy.

There is a lot more to say and teach you about this art and technology.
For now go have a look at what I created and enjoy. I think you will find the images interesting and pleasing.
(NOTE: Some non-HDR images are presented too so you can compare the difference.)

Also... Many of the images posted here are big and can be viewed much larger than first displayed. To see image detail use the built in enlargement tools.
Once inside a gallery you will find them when hovering over an image on the right hand side.

Please feel free to comment on the shots; how they make you feel, memories brought back, whatever... anything in good taste (it is a family rated site).
If you care to offer me some professional learning skills through critique I welcome it by email.

Come on in!
Please Come Back Soon (After you're done looking around!)
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